Complimentary Position Check

If you purchased our Platinum or Platinum Plus package you have the option to request a FREE position check out the baby. These are the conditions that apply to that free appointment:

– There is no value to the position check so if you choose not you use it, you cannot receive any type of refund

– The position check can only be performed AFTER 36 weeks (since babies can still┬áchange position before that time)

– You must contact us at least a week prior to the date you want to come in to schedule the appointment

– The appointment position check is only available Monday through Thursday from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

– The ultrasound will only be performed in 2D

– The ultrasound is limited to 5-10 minutes

– The sole purpose of the ultrasound is to determine the position of your baby. The tech will let you know if the baby is breech, transverse or head down

– Only one black and white image will be given of the baby with the position labeled. It may not be a profile photo, and could be the back of the baby’s head

– We do not recommend inviting friends and family to this appointment as it is not intended to see the baby in detail; it is a quick in and out appointment to check the position only

– If you fail to attend your position check appointment we will not reschedule you a new one