At Mother Nurture Ultrasound we offer the following types of ultrasounds:



Early Gender Determination:

We often get asked how we are able to determine the gender of a baby earlier than the doctor. There are several answers to this questions. The main reason is because our ultrasound equipment is the best available on the market, often far superior than what the doctors use. Therefore, our machine produces images that are at a minimum ten times more clear which allows us to see the gender easier, even when the baby is still very small. Secondly, our staff specializes in gender determination specifically and have performed over 15,000 early gender scans, whereas the doctors are not trained to spot gender early in the pregnancy since it is not medically necessary.

At Mother Nurture Ultrasound we 100% guarantee the gender determination accuracy starting at 13 weeks* in the pregnancy.
*Women who are over 200 pounds need to wait until 15-16 weeks.

What is 2D Ultrasound?

The most common type of prenatal ultrasound is a 2D ultrasound. This is the black and white imaging that is done at most doctor’s offices. The technology is referred to as 2D (short for two dimensional), because it captures flat looking images and outlines of your baby. It is very useful for seeing internal organs and bones of the baby.

Medical providers use 2D ultrasound most often during a pregnancy because it an excellent screening device, allowing them to take accurate measurements of the baby, calculate a due date, evaluate internal anatomy, listen and measure the fetal heartbeat, check the placenta, and other important components of the pregnancy.

At Mother Nurture Ultrasound we are not able to use 2D ultrasound for some of the medical purposes listed above. We can however get some great traditional profile shots of your baby, show you all the baby’s parts such as feet, toes, hands, legs, etc. We also use the 2D technology for gender determination, as it is the most accurate modality for our early scans starting at 13 weeks.

What is 3D Ultrasound?

As technology in the medical field has advanced over the years, 3D ultrasound was developed using image volume data acquisition. 3D technology utilizes the same high frequency sound waves as 2D and is just as safe to use. The sound waves create reflections from different angles to each other; the ultrasound machine then integrates these reflections with its high-speed computing software, resulting in a 3-dimensional image. In other words, think of a 2D ultrasound as a “slice” (this is what you see by looking at a standard fetal profile view), while 3D ultrasound uses much more volumetric information to create a complete-lifelike picture.

Over the past 15-20 years, 3D ultrasounds have become popular in the elective ultrasound industry as there has been an increasing demand from expecting parents to see their baby in more detail. 3D technology has allowed families to create a stronger bond with their unborn baby since they can see he or she in a more realistic view.

What is 4D Ultrasound?

4D ultrasound is simply 3D with the addition of real time; meaning while the ultrasound is being performed, you are watching your baby LIVE. The real time is considered the 4th dimension. The recent introduction of the 4D technology to the elective ultrasound industry has been a game changer. Now, expecting families can actually watch the baby’s movements and learn more about their personality. During a 4D ultrasound you can watch your baby smile, pout, suck his or her thumb, stick out the tongue, yawn, and do a myriad of other expressions and movements. At Mother Nurture Ultrasound we can provide DVD’s and online galleries with video clips that show the 4D movement of your baby so you can share with friends and family.

What is HD Ultrasound?

HD stands for “High Definition” and it’s the same concept as other HD technology in other industries (such as televisions, cameras, etc.); offering a more crisp, clear, defined image. With the HD modality, the ultrasound machine gathers much more information from the 3D/4D data than previous versions, rendering highly detailed images of the baby. It also allows the ultrasound tech to adjust a light source during the scan, to produce the best possible image of the baby.

Each ultrasound manufacturer has trademarked their own version of “HD.” At Mother Nurture Ultrasound we use Samsung machines with HD called Feto Realistic View. This patented technology has been internationally recognized as the best on the market.

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