In today’s world technology is changing and advancing faster than most of us can keep up with. Seems like only yesterday I was listening to my walk-man on my way to school and now I’m live streaming music through my cell phone at the touch of a button! The medical industry is no different, and each year they are coming out with more advanced, high tech equipment, allowing us to see and understand the human body like never before.

Within the ultrasound industry there have been some major cutting edge advancements in just the past few years. GE and Samsung, the two leaders in the field, both released almost identical versions of a technology for prenatal ultrasound that allows expecting mothers to see their baby in amazingly crisp, clear detail. GE trademarked their version HD LIVE! ™ and Samsung’s is known as Feto Realistic View™. In lament terms, the improved image quality is comparable to the newer technologies available on the consumer market, such as high definition TV’s.

Like every expecting mother, of course you want the best experience seeing your unborn baby. So you’re probably wondering where you can find this new technology and if it costs more. Most doctor’s offices/ medical facilities have been slow to upgrade, but many elective ultrasound studios across the country have started to. Currently, there are only two facilities in the state of Washington that offer the new technology. You guessed it; Mother Nurture Ultrasound is one of them! We are the only facility in Pierce County and surrounding area that offers the Feto Realistic View™ by Samsung.

Be wary of facilities who say they offer high definition images. Some use the term “high definition” loosely in order to deceive consumers in believing they actually have the new technology by GE and Samsung (see example below).


When inquiring, instead of asking about “high definition technology”, specifically ask if they have HD LIVE!™ or Feto Realistic View™

An easy way to tell is by looking at the facility’s ultrasound photos. The old technology will look more yellowish or golden in color and be more grainy looking and less clear. The newer technology is in a pinkish skin tone color and the detail will be more finite.

At Mother Nurture Ultrasound we offer the Feto Realistic View™ in all of our 3D/4D packages at no additional charge.

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